Coworking and Shared Workspace Concept

The concept of coworking has been around for decades.  It’s a method of working that facilitates a collaborative work environment from a non-competitive approach.  The purpose is to put an end to silos and isolation of a typical work environment.  It’s a way for people to connect together while still meeting individual goals.   As humans we are communal, we require and desire the presence of others. In fact, the word “Communal” is Latin and means of, by or belonging to the people of a community; shared or participated in by the public.

The slogan “more than workspace” has a deeper meaning and Clout Workspace embodies the mission of the shared economy and sense of community.  Whether you are a small business owner, freelancer or independent professional, you have the ability to connect with something and someone bigger than yourself — your local community.  Prince George’s County continues to grow and expand its economic base and there is a real need for people in and around the local community to connect, collaborate and network with each other.  Clout is the perfect hub where you can do that and more.

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